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Monday, June 30, 2014

Facebook Is Messing With Your Mind (additional info added as scandal develops)

Facebook is screwing with your mind: This article shows how Facebook has been engaged in a scientific study on how to manipulate your feelings and moods by the news they divert to you for your consumption. Are they responsible for driving weak minded individuals off the deep end with this activity? Is this the reason people are inspired to commit atrocities? Are Cornell University, Facebook and the U.S. Government developing a population of Manchurian Candidates?  This is very Nazi-CIA like of them. Spooky indeed!  Psychology Today gives some additional insight into what the bastards have done and its implications.  However Facebook is quite happy with screwing you over for fun.  As reported in 'The A Register'.  This has been going on for some time and the perps claim it has ceased this activity.  One is left to wonder what skulduggery they are up to at present.

Imagine the lame brains among us who feed their heads on the information morsels that Facebook feeds them. These Facebook creeps can actually change and manipulate public thought and activity by the means of manipulating information. Facebook has proven itself not to be the friend you thought it was.  Information control is their weapon of choice.  According to writer William S Burroughs language works the same way a virus works.  Information can make you sick and it can control your behavior.

Another update, this time from across the pond.  The UK is  investigating whether any laws were broken.  As it turns out the Facebook claim that the data of people would be free game for Facebook mood manipulators to mess around with was inserted into the user agreement several months after they perpetrated this action against its users. This is reported in the website Mashable.

In a Wall Street Journal article Facebook claims that is is going to make changes in the way it experiments on the minds of it's users.  One can only guess what sinister deviance they will come up with next.

The fallout from the revelation of mind control experiments performed on unwitting Facebook users is becoming deeper and appearing more sinister as time passes despite the companies assurances that every thing is hunky dory and there is no cause for alarm.  

The website COMPUTERWORLD reports that EPIC, the electronic privacy information center, has filed a complaint with the FTC asking for sanctions to be imposed on the maverick company.  The complaint comes only days after the egregious behavior by the social media giant was exposed causing outrage over the entire Internet. Sanctions appear highly unlikely as corporations in the United States have few restrictions on what they can or cannot do.

The horror show that recent revelations concerning Facebook have brought to light are only the tip of the iceberg as the website InformationWeek details in the article you can read by clicking the words InformationWeek above.  The author of the article Thomas Claburn sets down 10 more reasons that this kind of corporate hanky panky is not in your best interest.  It may not be long before the excesses of the silicon valley behemoths will begin to alienate all but the uninformed causing them to decide to 'just say no' to the data pandering businesses who take more than they give in return. 

Be careful. If you read the news you should also realize you are part of an experiment. This caution applies to any information outlet whatsoever. Just ask yourself : “What is the purpose of this experiment?” Another question you might ask is: "Do I trust the experimenters?"

Facebook has proven itself not to be the friend you thought it was,  be careful. If you read the news realize you are being manipulated by those who provide the news to you. If you read any news you are potentially poisoning your mind with the opinion of someone else. You will learn to hate what they hate and support what they support. Hence you will lose your mind and instead you will have their mind. You will no longer be yourself.

Learn to use your head, trust your better self.  Information is a spiritual weapon.  Words affect the mind and produce external activity.  Think of those you read of in the news who commit acts of terror.  All have been affected by words and ideas and many have used Facebook and have been subjected to the mind control techniques employed which directs specific information for them to read and to act upon. Facebook may not be the friendly place you think it is, it may be a trap.

I use Facebook I do not read their news feeds.  I do read the rambling bullshit of people who think the President is not a citizen, who think he is a Marxist, who hate him.  I read those words and reject them. These thoughts are promoted by the idiots who frequent Facebook who have their minds renewed after the image of information hackers. If this phenomenon does not make you sick at the very least it should scare the hell out of you.

It may be time to get out of Babylon.  Babylon is not a geographical territory in the mid-east, it’s a state of mind.  Perhaps it is a state of mind created by Facebook and all the other information mongers. Only you can set yourself free.

Art and article by David H. Roche

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