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Thursday, June 19, 2014

In Memory Of The Yellow Tomcat

The Yellow Tomcat has a permanent space in my heart.  He showed up on my porch the first year after I moved here.  He fathered a number of kittens of which I adopted three.  After seeing how hard of a life they had I could not bear to let them stay outside.

The Yellow Tomcat would spend time playing with the kittens on the porch or landing and then they would be gone but certain to show up for breakfast in the morning.  I felt he was a wise old spirit and he and I seemed to have a connection.

The little grey and white kitten in the video is still around.  I had him fixed and released him. He is doing well now that he does not have to fight and mate. The little black one with him was a female, she has disappeared, I assume she is dead as is the Yellow Tomcat.

Kali, Spot and Not-Spot (they are in the video) live with me and act as alarm clocks if I do not get up in time for their breakfast.  In Kali can be seen the remnants of the Yellow tomcat's colors mixed with the black of her mother.  Kali is a sweet gentle, demure cat in her third year now.  She doesn't like to be picked up and held, but she will come and put her legs on my legs when I am sitting at the computer and 'mew'.  Then it is time for kitty treats.

Photography and story by David H. Roche

(C) 2014

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