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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Re-Defining Eco-Terrorism

I made a video using my environmentally conscious art.  

The desires for wealth in conjunction with the activity of industry and governments have resulted in making the earth a place that is becoming more and more inhospitable to life.

1.  Environmental Impacts of Fossil Fuel Use

Many of the environmental problems our world faces today result from our dependence on fossil fuel. These include global warming, air quality deterioration, oil spills, and acid rain along with the extinction of many species of life on the planet.

2. A partial list of pipeline failures in the 21st century ie the last 14 years. 

3. Coal and the dangers it presents to the environment.

The dangers of using carbon as a fuel source are in the news every day and every day are ignored by politicians.

By their behavior or lack of it 7 million lives are  lost to the effects of air pollution every year. Death, disability and disease are the legacies left behind by the lawmaker’s decision to serve the cause of profit rather than the cause of the people.

There is an enemy among us who culls from the population 7 million human beings a year.  It takes many of the very young and the elderly and many in-between. 

If this enemy were a foreign entity it would of course be declared a terrorist organization and the full resources of the American wallet would be arrayed against it to keep us safe. But those polluting the air and skies of America are home grown.  They are welcome as benefactors in the legislative halls and given special privileges, tax breaks and loop holes to continue on selling a product that lays waste to the environment leaving behind millions of dead, sick and disabled in it's wake.

It's clearly time to re-define what an eco-terrorist is.

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