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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Decade Of The Drone

Decade of the Drone.

America has been at war or planning for war since the end of WW2. First there was Korea which was not called a war except by those who fought in it. Then there was Vietnam our longest war up to that point. It too was not officially a war as congress did not declare it so.  Then there was another 'war' congress didn't declare but agreed Americans should pay for like the rest. It was dubbed the war on terror which made its public debut September 12, 2001. Amiri Baraka wrote a poem about the events leading up to that war.  He titled it "Somebody Blew Up America". 

The ensuing war on terror was brokered to the American people as a war that has no end in sight. That signifies a lapse in government double speak. Very likely that is the truth. Why is the truth always so hard to take?

I made these pictures today.  The theme is something military folk might joke about among themselves seeing how many people have been sent to 'paradise' by drone strikes. I made them with that thought in mind. But I wasn't laughing.

In case you are wondering how many have been killed in the last 5 years by drones the number is about 2,400 human beings. This was done under the auspices of a man who was given the Nobel Peace Prize.  You have to wonder if there has been some kind of breakdown in the meaning of words.

With that in mind calling a drone a 'bird of paradise' is not so far afield. It's double speak in its most common form. Double speak is the lingua franca of all government mouthpieces. Most often double speak is called lying.

This Huff Post Article can fill you in on the particulars.  

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