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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Nightmare On Main Street: a short story by David H. Roche

Nightmare On Main Street
The sensation was like that of going to sleep in the midst of a howling gale that shook the house to its foundations again and again through a night that seemed to never end but then waking up to find a gentle breeze, sunshine and blue skies. The headlines of newspapers from around the world and the topic of morning news programs and evening editorials across the nation proclaimed: “Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Obama and more found guilty of crimes against humanity.”  The long awaited trials over the torture of prisoners and the starting of an illegal war had ended.  The verdict was in. “Guilty On All Counts”; the headlines screamed in hammer head print and the people cheered.

All over the world people danced for joy. In the streets of Toledo, Barcelona, Paris, Moscow, New York, Havana and Los Angeles there was non-stop merry-making.  Not one city, small or large was left that did not join in. At last justice had been served!  Along with that, the United States had cleansed itself of the disgrace it had worn like a scarlet letter painted on its forehead with the effluent of septic waste from an overturned sewage truck.

The era of lies had come to an end.  The people had persevered! They had restored their right to sovereignty as people who were the state instead of people who were servants of the state.  The agencies involved with creating the collective disgrace of the United States were now consigned to the ash bin of memory never to rise again.

Americans and the whole world were at last free from the tyranny of the anti-human agencies which had controlled their daily life for the better part of 5 decades. False flag, false terror attacks would never appear again. The pulse of the world pounded like the heartbeats of intertwined lovers. A new day was being conceived.

And then I woke up. There were no headlines.  The gale was still raging. There had been no justice.  The criminals not only still ruled but were honored as patriarchs of a grand new vision for the future.  All hope disappeared in the howling wind and pouring rain.

© 2014 David H. Roche


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