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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Art And Photography From The North Coast Of Oregon

I got up this morning and after signing a petition to have 47 congressmen charged with violation of the Logan Act I decided to make a 'business card'.  

Not that I really have a business but I do make this crap you see from time to time and try to sell it at Zazzle, an online outlet.  You can reach Zazzle and look over the stuff I have at the following link. (click here) 

You will find local photography from the North Coast of Oregon and artifacts from the "Gray Room" which originate in my imagination. Feel free to shop.

I made two versions of the business card. And it all may change.  I'm not sure if the black on white or the white on black is best.

At the link (click here) is a coffee mug featuring Jack and Qkjea.  Jack and 'Q' are 'Fire People' I created from photographs of flames.  I like'em a lot and use'em in many different pictures. 

The North Coast owes it's livelihood to water.  The Great River of the West, the Columbia and the great Pacific ocean define what it means to live here. It is a great place to live and a wonderful place to visit.

The picture taken in Astoria along the Columbia River at nightfall in the following link (click here) will give you a sense of the importance of water to this area. It is a common scene.  The water has enabled the area to be a marketplace serving the entire world.  It will also give you a peek at the beauty of this area. 

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