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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Who Can You Believe? Some thoughts on the news industry

I happened to find a documentary on the topic of how the media is used by the official authorities to provide disinformation in support of government agendas.  The film is titled "The War You Don't See."  It is a John Pilger film.

Pilger jumps into this presentation with both feet naming names and places involved with providing official disinformation to the public.  You might wonder what official disinformation is.  Some may think such a phrase is an oxymoron. How could the official information be disinformation?

Pilger reveals the brains behind the mechanism of giving false information to the news outlets for distribution to the public consciousness.  He also shows how the government works hand in hand with the media outlets to combat truth in journalism by a preponderance of disinformation reported over and over again.  One very infamous incident is the WMD incident which was the stated reason to destroy Iraq was debunked by Scott Ritter who discovered the WMD's were non-existent.   


The disinformation provided by the Bush / Cheney policymakers
convinced an already terrorized American populace to kill baby kill and the same Americans a decade later were crying drill baby drill in the face of BP's criminal activity in the Gulf and the evidence of climate change bearing down on them.

Information is powerful, the only thing you can do to protect yourself is use you mind and refuse to be an unquestioning receptacle of information.  Here's a test, is the following statement true or false?   "It is not at all unlikely for three skyscrapers to fall at near free fall speed and disappear into a pile of powder on one day.  It happens all the time."

What was your answer?  Agnosticism will keep you from the lemming effect that is the goal of disinformation. The long history of leaders reveals that a fair number have not been able to be trusted.  I bet you can name a few.

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