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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Revolt of the Poets: Or Future Wars Should Be Fought By Armies Of Mimes (a new poem)

In a daydream I began to imagine armies of mimes involved in war.  Let that sink in. It would be the kind of war one might expect a Dadaist to conceive of.  That's how the poem came about. 

Compare it to the poem which follows which is older. I wrote the second poem a few days after the invasion of Iraq. 


Revolt of the Poets:
 Or Future Wars Should Be Fought By Armies Of Mimes

During a poets revolt
wise-men dissemble
old men wail
shake their heads and tremble;
women cry out-loud in fear
of mighty rushing winds
screaming in their ears.

But it's a new dance 
the children dance now
and a new song the children hear.
In a poets revolt
fools take up arms
and the wise dance without fear.

Poetry by David H. Roche (C) 2016

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