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Friday, April 15, 2016

INVOCATION: original art and music

Below is a video which is a compilation of stuff I made in the month of April and March.  I titled it "Invocation".  The pictures were conceived with the idea of revealing the unseen dimensions, the spiritual dimensions.

A nice addition is the music of Bill Canino who provided the soundtrack.

Life is spiritual by nature due to its association with consciousness.  The quandary the world finds itself in is due to the work of the dark side which has had the ascendency in production of world events.

There is another side, a side of light, where most of us live.  While the powers of darkness which control society are spiritual so is this other side also a spiritual force. But it is a force for the promotion of well being instead of a force for creating social malaise.

Go into your private place and invoke a spirit from the Realm of Light to empower you against the Kingdom of Darkness.  Come on out and make the darkness disappear. Be Kynd.

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