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Monday, April 25, 2016

Orange Sunshine: a retrospective

Those who have dived into the psychedelic sea and returned to wonder about it will understand the video immediately.  Others may shake their heads with consternation.

Since the summer of 1970 when I first encountered "Orange Sunshine" I have been left wondering at the things I encountered.  Mainly I have questioned the nature of what it means to 'be', to exist, to be conscious.  The question naturally arises within the psychedelic experience because, often, and it was in my case, one simply comes to understand that his consciousness is not identified with his body.  This leads to a number of ramifications.

For instance what does one think when he is sitting in a chair looking into the corner of the room at the ceiling and all at once sees himself sitting in the chair?  I did just that!  I saw myself sitting in the chair from the perspective of the ceiling where I had been gazing.

Okay.  Which one was me?  Was I the thing in the chair?  Or was I the thing looking at the thing in the chair?  The answer was obvious to me that I existed apart from the thing in the chair.

Now such things are indeed strange to consider, but given the evidence what would one decide?

Enjoy the video.

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