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Friday, May 06, 2016

Climate Change Is Our Moby Dick

I got to reading the news and one of the things that caught my eye was the wildfires in Canada which are attributed, in part, to the role that climate change is playing in human affairs.

I think it is unreasonable to think human activity has had a merely negligible effect on the processes of the life sustaining bio-system we call earth. 7 million a year die prematurely from breathing Capital polluted air. That is a significant negative effect by Capital on human welfare and all the life on earth.  As it turns out from all appearances those doing the polluting simply do not care if they harm or kill someone, they have not stopped polluting.  This get's us right down to the real character of Capital.

Wildfires, here, cyclones there, floods.  This is not weather as usual.

My personal feeling is the quest for profit by the capitalist requires the destruction of the earth.  We've already seen that Capital has virtually destroyed American society, bankrupting it, by demanding to be paid for committing crimes they have not ceased to commit.  And well paid they were.  Believe it or not these motherfuckers still call the shots and congress still bends the knee to them. The financial institutions are America's ultimate concern and Profit is it's God.

Well anyhow I was reading that horror story originating in Canada caused, in part, by climate change and I realized people would not have fucked up the earth like this if they could not get  a monetary award. In other words, Capital is involved in killing off the earth for profit and the people who make the laws are in cahoots with them.

I went back into my files and pulled an old photo out and put a caption on it.  Feel free to share it, the entire human experience is hanging in the balances.  Ahab has some karma waiting to reveal itself.  When the music's over turn out the lights.

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