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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

U.S. To Become A Total Surveillance State On December First Unless You Speak Up

I made a picture about the Security State legislation which congress is about to mandate rendering all your personal communication open to the purview of the state. This will take place on December first unless the bozos in the legislative halls can be convinced it is not a good idea to spy on all of us in every area of our lives.

if you don't like the prospect of total state surveillance, email someone, or call someone in the lawmaking business and bitch. Let-em know you don't like the idea. U.S. Senator Ron Wyden is against it too.  You can sign a petition here at this link.  

Total surveillance is an obscenity to the American spirit. Saying 'fuck you' to surveillance is a totally American response to the misappropriation of authority by the state. I suspect it is also a human response as well.

This phenomenon is not a purely American phenomenon.  What we are seeing is an international cabal of spies for whom the citizen is the target.This report from the UK reveals the claims the international state apparatus has on your individual thoughts and feelings and dreams knows no boundaries. The state possesses no couth.

The concern over 'fake news' is justified.  However I'm just as concerned about those who are supposed to be the ones who decide which is fake and which is not fake news.  It was the fake corporate news that lied us into the scenario of endless war as this Corbett Report reveals.

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