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Monday, April 24, 2017

A Walk Down 14th Street To The River

The little city of Astoria Oregon on the banks of the Columbia River is a photographer's paradise. The clustering of houses paints the hillside with a variety of colors evoking an almost storybook kind of feeling. 

The weather often changes abruptly with extremes ranging from bright sunshine, to drops of ice cold rain, clouds and hail and back again to bright sunshine sometimes accompanied by high winds. However the mercurial weather provides the dramatic lighting effects the photographer delights in.  Be sure to bring a poncho along, chances are you'll need it.  If not today you'll likely need it tomorrow. The changing weather may sound like a bummer but in reality it gives the photographer an ever changing progression of photo opportunities.

I took the bus into town and got off on 14th St. at about the middle of the hill which leads down to the river.   All along the way the bridge peeks out between the buildings.

I took photographs on the way down the steep sidewalks to the riverside and put them into a video. You can check it out below.

At the end of 14th St. is a pier with a bench and viewing area that looks out over the river on three sides, width, upstream, downstream and up the steep hillside on the Astoria side.  

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