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Thursday, July 06, 2017

An Introduction To Free Speech

I got my introduction to the notion of political free speech in 1964 while watching the evening news. There was a time when the news was not entirely propaganda. Click the link and hear Mario Savio deliver his famous speech. It may inspire you.

Around the supper table watching the evening news with my parents I witnessed all this happening, not understanding what it was all about. I was still in high school. I would be drafted within two years and expected to shed my blood in Vietnam. I was clueless. Just the kind of draftee the government wanted. 

The rebellion of the students in Berkeley, based on the principle of free speech lead inexorably to protesting the Vietnam War which was at that time being set up and established under false premises by the U. S. Government.

Below is a video of Fourth of July fireworks at a family picnic. We had hamburgers, goodies and beer. We also had pot. I live in a marijuana legal state.  A good time was had by all and not a soul died. 

The Pentagon Papers establish beyond a doubt the outright lies of those government officials who wished to attack Vietnam. Yes, it was all based on an 'official lie' as was the Iraq war and the subsequent mayhem and anti-human activities being carried out in the middle east at the present with American made weapons of mass destruction.

As long as the impetus of government is as it is now we can only expect war and horror for the foreseeable future.  It has been promised to us by the politicians.

Well people, it's in your hands.

Are you going to give in?

It's up to you!

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