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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Litany of the Poor and Oppressed: a poem by David H. Roche

"Litany of the Poor and Oppressed" is a poem by David H. Roche made into a video utilizing his art and political consciousness.

The line before the last line has a 'freudian slip in it' which I left in because it 'works'. 

The first word in the sentence is spoken "May' but it is written 'My'.  It should be 'My'. I like it saying 'My', and if you do wish to reproduce this do so at no cost to yourself as long as you change nothing and give me credit for the art and poem.  

 "Power to the People."  We're all in the same god damned ship named the Pequod with Captain Trump, republican and democrat, at the helm taking us to our fate.  

Why do people hate foreigners who invade their nation and kill their families?  Why do the brutalized become brutal? Chris Hedges produces a scenario to help you understand.  

What would you feel inside of yourself if someone you didn't know just came in and murdered your family for political purposes? This is what we're talking about with the lack of evidence for WMD's.  At one moment in history it has been claimed the invasion of Iraq was a war crime. 

Many still believe it was a war crime

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