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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bees and Catmint: still and video photography of time passing in the garden

In the afternoon the rain stopped briefly.
The sun shined,
the earth warmed,
bees visited blossoms the color of the sky.

In another world decisions are made on money,
un-employment and fear.

I like this one with the bees,
blossoms and warm earth
right here.

Below are a couple posters which can be purchased at They'll look nice on your wall. Enjoy.

Bee On Blue Blossom
Bee On Blue Blossom by Hermenutic
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Bee and Blue Blossom # 2
Bee and Blue Blossom # 2 by Hermenutic
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Dragon-fly Dynamo
Dragon-fly Dynamo by Hermenutic
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A poem I wrote, Published in aaduna addresses the same theme. You can read it by clicking on this text. I recommend aaduna for your visual and literary impulses.

Back to the present, I spied the sparkling blue blossoms in the sunlight and decided to see if I could catch the feeling of what I saw with my camera.

Snap,snap snap and here you are.

Enjoy the video. It features "Fence Post", (C) 2013, an original musical composition composed and performed by Bill Canino.

All photographs and text (C) 2013 David H. Roche.

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