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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Privacy or Security? It's Your Choice

This poster is completely political in outlook responding to current events and the way freedom, privacy and liberty are being redefined and administered.

When I saw the photograph I was struck with the quandary Americans are in today. The last two Presidents and the overwhelming majority of elected representatives have redefined privacy and the essential meaning of what it means to be free. That's what I thought that when I saw the image.

The kitten is a feral waif I rescued. I did so because life is hard for feral cats.

Outside he would be free and fending for himself. Inside he gets three squares a day. But you can see what he gives up for the security of being domesticated.

The situation of everyday Americans is much more serious than that of the kitten. He doesn't seem to mind. My question is, "Do you? Do you mind giving up your privacy?"

Hang the poster on your wall and let your thoughts wander over the themes of privacy, liberty, freedom and security. Think about what you were taught and what you now know to be the reality. Just click on the image.

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You may also want to express your sadness at the mess your elected representatives have made of things by wearing this Tee Shirt. Both the poster and Tee Shirt may be purchased at by clicking on the image of your choice. Speak while you are still allowed to speak. Don't just settle for the liberty to go shopping. Privacy tops shopping any day of the week.

By wearing this you may discover that others feel the same way about losing their privacy. Remember privacy is the lock on the door that protects many of the rest of your civil liberties. You should not let thieves have the key.

I was saddened to watch Democracy Now on the 6th of June.

If it wasn't for freedom loving constitution loving whistleblowers we would not have a clue about this. This means whistleblowers are providing useful information which will enable voters to make better choices. Read a full report on this revelation of the United States government activity against its own people in the Guardian by clicking here. I think it is proper to feel this activity requires an impeachment and those responsible brought to trial. The American people may be susceptible to this form of deceit but they are not so stupid as to be unaware something is terribly wrong when private communications are gleaned for personal information by government employees.

It pretty much tells us what we do not want to consider has already overcome us. Can you really be free and have a democratic society when privacy is eliminated? I made the following video with the same lament in mind.

Many will remember "Easy Rider" one of the several ground-breaking films of the 60's.

Easy Rider is a classic conversation on the conflicting prerogatives of individual freedom and society. It may be worth watching again 45 years later. Often things are understood with more clarity and seriousness with the passage of time. That's because you got smarter in those years. Just think of the cavalcade of bozos beginning with Nixon and culminating with the present Bozo created situation. Have they really done a good job? Would you hire them again? The present situation is what they have achieved. It's a real pile of crap for the most of us. But it is real good for some.

Many share Mario Savios feeling today:

I hate to be seeing this happen but it is. That's the facts. Your elected representatives sold you and your future. You didn't know they could do it, did you. And if you knew they could, you never imagined they would. But they did. They sold you like Christ was sold and you were hung for display on a cross constructed on Wall Street and erected firmly in the Golgotha of bankruptcy courts throughout the nation.

I hope they got a good buck cause your freedom was worth a lot.

Remember this, Christ rose from the dead.

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