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Saturday, June 08, 2013

PRISM: the days of Noah,hatred and love

That's all she wrote folks. These are the days of Noah.

Be good to your neighbor no matter what happens. The chance of your neighbor being an enemy is slim and if you know the truth as it is in Christ you love your enemy anyway because you understand the nature of things.

Enemies are real problems for those who do not know Christ. It costs them a lot of money. Look here since 2001 American taxpayers have spent all this money on enemies. Click the link, the war debt is climbing continuously and you have to pay this if you are an American taxpayer. That's the privilege of being a citizen. It sucks doesn't it, and not in a good way.

If you knew Christ you wouldn't have enemies you worried about. People would hate you but you would be impervious to them on the basis of the knowledge of Christ.

Check out Christ, lose your fear and start to love. Love your enemy the way you love yourself.

Faith in Christ is rebellious because the faithful do not hate.

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