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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reflections: poetry, photography and art

I had been watching the puddle of water in the driveway through the window as I worked inside.  I purposely see the present as holding future possibility. What follows is an example of that proposition placed into action with a camera and consciousness at my disposal.

I decided to see if I could  improve upon the image and went outside.  The perspective was different. 

                                                                                Reflections fascinate me to no end. 
                                                                                 They conceal many possibilities..

Over the next few hours a bird flew overhead...

                                                                                         here's proof.

Other things happened over the next few hours including the evaporation of the puddle all the way to dry blacktop.. 

I used the third photograph to make the following picture.  I am pleasantly baffled at how something appears from something else in the process of working on the original photographs. 

To the image I added flames. 

It appears as if  a boot with flames of fire is one of the possibilities in a puddle of water.

                                                                                                      The second shoe drops
 ... so to speak.

This image continued to morph all on its own . 
I found it lurking in the pixels. .

The image below of a Carbon Egg also appeared while working on the photograph of a  reflection of the sky in a puddle in the driveway.

Sometimes this process of breaking open photographs to find other content is like augury

To be continued.
Photography, poetry and art by David H. Roche (C) 2013

a Clear Running Water state of mind


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