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Friday, October 18, 2013

Judgment Day

A video on the theme of moral accountability based on the concept of the last judgment as proposed by Jesus. It makes sense that people should be held accountable for the way they have affected others. Justice is something we humans understand naturally. The requirement of justice is a lot like fairness.

The New Testament, from which much Christian doctrine is derived, speaks of an end to this present state of affairs. This 'evil age' it is called. Look around you will find it easy to decide this age is evil. Our society is rife with government sponsored economic oppression. The lives of families are worth less to the politicians making laws than the fiscal health of financial institutions.

This is a usurious society. For as long as the Jews have had the Torah usury has been considered a crime.   The charging of interest on a loan was forbidden by the God of the Christians, Jews and Muslims because it was understood to be a crime against the neighbor. It's not like they pay close attention to it but it's in holy book they read from. Usury is one way in which the poor are abused by the way of this age. The bible takes the side of the poor in this issue. Unlike congress which regards the poor with contempt, God cares for the poor and has justice planned for them.

Like Marie Antoinette who truly had it coming, I would not want to be in their shoes on the day of judgment when God's justice is revealed.

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