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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Let Us Make Man: new poster art from Art From Another Dimension


  I began with triangle shapes and when a theme appeared to me I added different images  I've photographed or created from photographs.  Jack and Qkjea are filling in as Elohim.  I may add more Elohim later on.

My plan was to explore the theme of the Elohim participating together in the creation of the human race and the rest of creation which arose from the imagination of the Creator. I have only included two representations of the Elohim.  Clearly, in the bible, there are more than two Elohim.

The Elohim talked together about the impending creation of mankind. "And God (Elohim) said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion". Creation is said to have begun when God separated light from darkness.  

If that is correct creation and existence are the result of the appearance and recognition of opposites. Light and Darkness could not be more opposite.  Before there was light in which forms manifest, there was nothing but 'darkness' empty of form, void, but enclosing, incorporating the origin of all forms. The darkness may be understood as the inscrutable thought and purpose of God.

Lao Tzu wrote of this in this way; J Legge translator:  I do think Lao Tzu was on to something five hundred years BC, give or take a few.  In verse 21 he wrote:

The grandest forms of active force

From Tao come, their only source.

 Who can of Tao the nature tell?

 Our sight it flies, our touch as well.

 Eluding sight, eluding touch,

 The forms of things all in it crouch;

 Eluding touch, eluding sight,

 There are their semblances, all right.

 Profound it is, dark and obscure;

 Things' essences all there endure.

 Those essences the truth enfold

 Of what, when seen, shall then be told.

 Now it is so; 'twas so of old.

 Its name--what passes not away;

 So, in their beautiful array,

 Things form and never know decay.

 How know I that it is so with all the beauties of existing things?

 By this (nature of the Tao).

The Way of the Tao' of Lao Tzu is what translators of the New Testament into Chinese use to communicate the  divine attributes of Jesus to a Chinese audience.  This is significant because in the New Testament Jesus is described as the active agent in creating human reality.  In this correlation is clearly seen the many sided (manifold) wisdom of God.

We see imperfectly.  All, myself included, hold ideas that will collapse like a house of cards.  When the house of 'beliefs' falls, what remains as the object of faith when the dust settles is the Source of our being.  It is this Source to which faith is rightly directed.  It does not collapse because the Source transcends, infuses and undergirds all. I don't care what you call it. Elohim, Logos, Vishnu, Tao, Way, God; it makes no difference. A name does not change the essence of the Source.  It is your faith in the Source of your being that makes the difference.  The Source of being exists as the basis of all you are. Faith is the only key to the door of the Source of being. Belief and doctrine will let you down, faith will get you through.

In the gospels the faith of people praised most highly by Jesus were pagans.   The previous sentence holds a link to one such instance. This means religious formulas go out the window.  It is faith that counts in the spiritual world, because faith is where your heart is.  Being doctrinally correct was what Jesus condemned the religionists of his time for. They knew how to work the 'law of God' to their advantage. They ended up having Jesus killed to protect their religious beliefs.  You can figure it out if you have a mind to do so.

 Well anyhow I made the poster this morning.  I hope you like it.
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