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Friday, February 07, 2014

Cold Snap (a commentary on the human condition)

There was a change in the weather.  I documented it in a video. Click here to see it.

I admire these critters.  I have not heard one of them complaining. I have a lot to learn.

We humans are faced with the prospect of the world collapsing around us due to bank fraud and the connivance of world governments facilitating and validating the bank fraud.   The ducks and heron had to walk on water in order to survive.  Can you? This is no 'mere' consequence, it is the entire ball of wax in the context of this society and our personal lives as human beings.

As human people we are at the mercy of those in government perpetrating our demise for the sake of gaining currency and wealth.

What is to be done?  How does one find a future that is not inhospitable when the enemy is omnipresent and in charge?  My personal feeling is that we must come to ourselves.  We must look in the mirror and see what it is that we are at the core of our being. We must do this if we expect to have hope for the future. Otherwise life, logically, becomes defined by despair.

I reject the notion that I am defined by currency, even though I need it to stay alive.  I reject the notion that this present quagmire we find ourselves in is the zenith of mankind's abilities to relate to the earth and to our companions.

What do you think?  Do you understand your self in terms of currency?  Are you willing to agree to the circumstances?

Is it possible Ayn Rand and the politicians are wrong in the way they define human beings?  Ayn Rand is a major influence on political thought, her philosophy has pretty much set the present scenario of life in the 21st century in place.  If there is a Devil, Ayn Rand is his apostle and the politicians who agree with her are the devil's disciples.

My feeling is that they are dead wrong.

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