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Monday, February 17, 2014

Headed Toward Oblivion and The Warlords (poetry and art)

Included are two poems.  One in the text and one is found in a hyperlink to a poem titled "The Warlords" which was published in a web based magazine titled aaduna in the Spring issue of 2011.

Also there are photographs of a hike up Saddle Mountain and some original artwork.

My poetry and art confront the human experience and seek to look it in the eye.  I am convinced human beings are essentially spiritual creatures that have been tricked into forgetting who they are.  My poetry and art is often written and created with this thought in mind.  I look around me and say to myself: "We can do a hell of a lot better than this."

Headed Toward Oblivion
a reading of the poem is available at Buzzsprout
and may be downloaded. Click on title above.

Headed toward oblivion
a fury started long ago
with black magic 
in a mirror, 
a mirror named EGO.

Headed toward oblivion
the human race took flight,
not knowing where
it might land,
no destination in its sight.

Good and evil ripped'em off
sometimes war between friends
sometimes between brothers.

Headed toward oblivion
the race continues crying,
everywhere you look,
someone, somewhere,
some part of earth
is dying.

Headed toward oblivion
a fury started long ago
in the black magic of a mirror
we've come to call EGO.

All work is (C) 2014 by David H. Roche

a Clear Running Water state of mind

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