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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Let Us Make Fire People ( a video about the origin of Fire People )

"Fire People" are creations I make from photographing flames.  (Click the previous sentence to see the video "Let Us Make Fire People") Some of them simply appear in the flames as the face in the fire did in the video below. If you watch the video closely you will see the face in the fluidity of the flames.

I ran it at ultra slow speed and took a snapshot of it to get the face to remain as a still photograph.   But the visage is clearly visible as the video runs in the original. A simple campfire on the beach was found to be hosting "Fire People".

Some I have to work on with the fire inside of me. They do not always reveal themselves directly.  Below are Jack and Qkjea with their offspring.  They are environmental protection activists sent from the spiritual realms of the collective unconscious.

The "Fire People" can mean anything you like them to mean.  I regard them as Spirits, archetypal intruders from the unconscious mind into the present. Silly me!

I use them in many ways as the spirit moves me. Sometimes just for fun.  In the picture below I used a photograph of my cat Kali. 

Kali was a feral kitten three years ago with two siblings, Spot and Not Spot.  Spot is an almost entirely black cat with a large white spot on his chest.  Not Spot is entirely black.  They, at least Kali, were sired by a Yellow Tomcat shown below who is since deceased.  You can see the orange of the Yellow Tomcat in Kali's mottled markings.  

Feral cats have a terribly hard life and often the Yellow Tomcat would show up on the porch after a lengthy absence bloody and chewed up.  But he took charge of the litters of kittens that were born.  I often saw them playing on the porch together, romping like a pride of lions. 

As I said the the Yellow Tomcat is deceased.  

I used a photograph of Kali to combine with a "Fire Person's" face.  This is in harmony with my understanding that we are all spiritual critters.

Photographs and art (C) 2014 David H. Roche

"Whiskey" used in the video provided by YouTube

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