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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Justice In Ferguson Missouri

Justice in Ferguson Missouri.  

In memory of Mike Brown shot to death while going to visit his grandmother. Mike was shot in public with his hands raised over his head.  Mike was shot by an unnamed person in the law enforcement business in broad daylight, in plain sight of passersby and multiple witnesses. The police officer responsible for Mikes death has been given time off with pay and has, up to now, not been charged. His identity has been hidden from the public.

You can find some news accounts of the event and subsequent events that have been allowed to be reported. On the scene the police are interfering with news coverage of the shooting and community response by arresting and detaining reporters. 

Claims have been made by reporters that they have been arrested, detained and assaulted by the police while going about their lawful business of reporting the news. The streets and neighborhoods of Ferguson now resemble an occupied war zone. Up until this point in time there has been no arrest made in the shooting death of Mike Brown.

I'm old enough to remember Bull Connor and his dogs and four little girls blown up while in church.  I'm old enough to have been told "That is all in the past" by well meaning, never rock the boat white folks.  

Apparently the people who told me that were wrong. You can't ask Mike Brown if the people who told me about this behavior in the past were wrong.  But you can ask his parents and his grandmother and the residents of Ferguson Missouri. They can tell you.

If you don't know what happened here's a report in The Christian Science Monitor about what went down and here's how the city of Ferguson Missouri and its police are responding to the shooting death of Mike Brown. 

The next time you hear some blowhard talking about freedom, equality and justice for all tell them about Ferguson Missouri. Tell them about how Mike Brown was killed while going to visit his grandmother. Tell them freedom, equality and justice along with Mike Brown are the latest victims to meet their fate on the streets of America.
Down memory lane I go.  In 1968 there was a police riot in the city of Chicago.  It seems to me this is what happened in August of 2014 in Ferguson Missouri.  As my memory drifts back to the days of rage and sees in 2014 more days of rage the album titled "Volunteers" by the Jefferson Airplane naturally comes to mind. The album was released in 1969 after the events at the Chicago Democratic Convention had become history and before the Kent State Massacre on May 4 of 1970

The Kent State killings became the catalyst which turned the tide of the anti-war protest in favor of peace. The middle class lost it's taste for killing Vietnamese when it was obvious their kids were fair game for U.S. fire power in the homeland. The song "Ohio" by CSN&Y was on the airwaves within two weeks of the killing spree by the Ohio National Guard and it played all summer.  The radio could not be turned on without hearing the song being played.

Back to the present. has begun a petition for justice.  You can sign it here.

1.  While looking up the history of race relations in Missouri I came across this piece.  The Social Construction Of Whitenesss: Racism by Intent, Racism by Consequence by Teresa J. Guess* (University of Missouri-St. Louis)  It's not a long piece and it's worth reading to get a grip on what's motivating the social activity in the streets of Ferguson and for that matter most cities in the U.S. today.

2.  The shooting death of Mike Brown was accompanied by a show of force that terrorized and angered the residents of Ferguson.  Not only was the message sent that walking the streets was something residents were forbidden to do this notion was reinforced with a police response resembling a military invasion.  

The SWAT team is another feature that reinforced the violence created by the police presence.  Matthew Harwood writes about this in an article titled, "One Nation Under SWAT" at .

Harwood explains the militarization of American cities, towns and streets with the use of Pentagon supplied firepower.  If anything good is to come of this it may be that American communities give back the weapons of war foisted upon them by those for whom making war is a way of life. War in American streets is not a community building tactic.

3.The police officer who killed Mike Brown in broad daylight in front of multiple witnesses has been named. He is Darren Wilson.  Wilson has been a police officer for six years, four of those years in Ferguson.  

4.  Almost a week after the slaying of Mike Brown Ferguson police are revealing that Brown was a suspect in a robbery.  If this is correct then it is clear that officer Wilson violated his civil rights by killing him.  As a suspect Brown was entitled to be arrested, charged with a crime, provided a lawyer and given a trial.  

By killing the youngster officer Wilson took away everyone of these unalienable rights that Brown as a U.S. citizen possessed.  Up to this point in time no stolen property has been reported having been recovered.  You can read a Los Angeles Times report on the alleged involvement of Mike Brown in this shoplifting caper in the link above.

One interesting feature in this shooting and now robbery case is the comparison of news reports.  Take a look at this report by FOX NEWS  and compare it with the report released by the Los Angeles Times. Which report do you feel is the more well rounded, less biased report?  

Below is an image with Jack and Qkjea exemplifying civil protest. It is titled "Civil Rights": use'em while you got'em. The image was published in the aaduna Winter / Spring issue of 2014.

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