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Monday, August 18, 2014

Three Minutes In Ferguson Missouri (socially conscious poetry)

The entire world is now aware that Darren Wilson a white law enforcement officer in Ferguson Missouri shot and killed 18 year old Mike Brown a black youth. Mike had his hands over his head surrendering when he was killed.

It remains to be seen if Darren Wilson will suffer any legal consequences for his decision to take Mike's life. His actions angered a lot of people in the community he was charged with protecting and serving.

I was angered when I read the reports.  There is far to much blue on black killing in this nation.  I am able to remember how black people had to fight for their right to be accorded even the most common civil privileges such as eating in a public restaurant, voting, getting a drink of water or even using the restroom. The police were dead set against allowing that to happen and there were laws made to ensure that these most basic of civil liberties were disallowed for people of color.

In 1964 a federal law was passed which supposedly put an end to this kind of uncivil behavior. But anyone with sound judgment knows that was a fantasy.

Well as I said I was angered while watching the news reports of this so far unpunished activity by Darren Wilson. I was prompted to write a poem about the event. The poem is titled "Three Minutes In Ferguson Missouri". The poem got it's title because it took only three minutes from the time Darren Wilson told Mike to get out of the street to the time he killed him.  

No emergency vehicles were called to administer medical aid for Mike and his lifeless body was left in the street where he was slain for several hours before the police department allowed it to be removed.  

I made a video with a reading of the poem.

Three Minutes In Ferguson Missouri

Mike was shot in Ferguson
on a sunny day,
he was shot for being in the street
for being in the way.

He was big and strong
but what went down that day
was just plain wrong.

Mike and Dorian had been walking
‘Get out of the street’
a cop named Darren pulled up and said.
We’re almost there replied one of the pair
three minutes later Mike was dead.

Mike was black and Darren white,
the cop reported there had been a fight.
Mike held his hands up to the sky
that’s when Darren shot him
and that’s when Mike Brown died.

It happens a lot in the U.S. of A
a cop kills a black man
and gets time off with pay.

The killer let Mike lay in the street for hours
No ambulance came.
Was it called?

It was not!
Mike bled and he died that day in Ferguson
and was left in the street to rot.

You might be selling cigarettes
or walking in the street.
but if you’re black talking back   
changes the fate you meet.

Three minutes in Ferguson
were all that it took
for cops in Missouri
to put Mikes death
in their book.

Poetry, video and art (C) 2014 by David H. Roche

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