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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Let's Build A Pipeline, Let's Burn Some Oil

Let’s build a pipeline, let’s burn some oil, let’s foul the air and water, we’ll be rich.  Keystone XL pipeline advocates tell us damage to the soil, clean air and water have been over-hyped.  

According to George W. Dumschitz, current president of the Keystone Pipeline For Prosperity Information Clearing House and Propaganda Center, fresh air, potable water and unpolluted farm land are not necessary.  

Dumschitz delivered the following words to an eager group of investors today: “Yes the ideas of fresh air, and clean water sounds nice if you’re living in the past. But we've gone way past the stage in human civilization where we need to depend on something as unpredictable as nature. Mother Nature is our enemy and we are at war with nature and this is a war we will win. It is a war we must win.”

Dumschitz went on to elaborate.  “The informed citizen of today is aware of the advancements of science in its quest to put nature in its place.  Today we are at the cusp of a brave new future.  We can kick Mother Natures’ butt and show her the door. Today we have developed filters so efficient you can pour tar sand through them and safely offer the effluents to your children in place of those unhealthy sugary soda drinks they crave.

"As you know”, Dumschitz continued, "we in the science and technology fields have been producing fresh clean air for the growing market. That’s right.  We’re damned proud of the services that we, in our unlimited ingenuity, have devised for the benefit of the human race.  Take our fresh air facility At Pistol Whip Montana as a good example. 

"The facility at Pistol Whip provides 30 percent of the fresh air needs of the entire city of Los Angeles.  This factory provides containerized fresh air at a very reasonable cost. And of course this is a product everyone needs ensuring a high return on your investment in this industry.  This facility along with the half a dozen others now online provide all the fresh air needed for the entire west coast of North America.  Green is not the color of a healthy environment; it's the color of money!

“All the clamor about saving the environment for the future and fears of global warming are a lot of hot air.  Have you seen what Mother Nature decided to do to the Northeast? A little global warming will be good for them wouldn't you say?

“When it comes to food nobody can do it better than the highly skilled scientists in the GMO laboratories today. Many are not aware of this but as I speak the most brilliant minds among us are producing delicious hamburger in the lab.  

"This technology will eliminate the need for using land to raise cattle and allow more drilling and mining activities to go forward.  It will also eliminate the fears of those who weep so loudly about their precious environment supporting our life.  We can “Drill Baby Drill” and “Burn Baby Burn” and we must if we as a nation, a society and a people are going to survive. We don’t need a healthy environment, we need jobs and profit.”
This report of course is not a real news report. It is satire. George W. Dumbschitz is merely a fanciful portrayal of the corporate propaganda machine.   However it seems to me that this report reveals the actual mindset of those for whom the natural resources are seen as a means to profit rather than as a life support system. No one in their right mind really believes that destroying the environment is necessary to promote the well-being of those who live on earth. 

Over and over again the words and images of the poet Allen Ginsberg come to mind as an apt description of those leading us into the future.  “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness,…”  Have a thoughtful day.

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