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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I Want It Now: poetry by David H. Roche

"I Want It Now" is a poem about the destruction of the earth and those who live on it by the way of life chosen by the people who live on the earth.

While it is true most of the people involved in the enterprise of destroying the earth do not intentionally decide to do it, it is true their participation is essential to the final result. 

We are pretty much forced by our way of life and circumstances to engage in our mutual self destruction. The capitalist will sell the rope, do you really need to buy it and hang yourself with it? We, the people, can make adjustments in our priorities and make better decisions.

This poem was written with the purpose of providing a catalyst by which to rethink the priorities we as consumers have.  There is a video with photography and a reading of the poem at the bottom of the page.  It is up to you to stop the greatest genocide of all a genocide that eclipses all previous genocides, the extinction of not only the human race but life itself. 

I Want It Now

I want the world back.
I won't settle for anything less.
I'm tired of real estate brokers, bankers,
lawyers and smokestacks.

I've seen what they've given in its place;
it's a pandemic,
a terrorist pathology released among us
destroying our way of life
and replacing it with a 'new and improved' version
conceived in the gray rooms of some obscure 'think tank',
dressed up on Madison Avenue,
made in China
and placed on sale at Wal-Mart just for us.

I'm tired of it.  I want to be able to listen
to the still small voice speaking inside,
like it did in the days
when the mountains were Gods,
creation had spirit ...
and people listened to their voices.
It's been taken away
and replaced with electronic whisperings;
a chintzy substitute
for the voice of God gurgling in rivers
below sunlight, between tree lined banks,
tranquil, dappled and sparkling at my feet...

Whatever it is you've made in your factories
that beeps and squeaks, flashing intermittently and interminably
take it directly to the dump and spare me the trouble
of throwing it away.
I want the world back,
and I want it back now.

 January 05 07 (C) David H. Roche

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