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Monday, May 15, 2017

Shit Hitting The Fan

(Added link: this article arrived today.  It is appropriate to the rest of the story. Noam Chomsky @ Truthdig.) 

"Shit hitting the fan" is an evocative phrase, like 'who cut the cheese'?

The Presidency of Donald Trump has become a universal matter of grave concern.This is now publicly evident in that even the corporate warmongering mainstream institutions of the media have joined together to sink his boat. Just a brief look at the news of the day says there's trouble in river city and it rhymes with "T" and it stands for Trump.This article by Steve Benen in TheMaddowBlog is representative of the reaction of the mainstream media in response to having a President with all the couth of a bull in a china shop.

I'm not a fan of the warmongering slackers in the mainstream journalist profession. But they are playing a great role here.They have the means to make Humpty Dumpty fall off his horse and crack his shell. Thankfully it appears they are trying to do it as best as they can even after enabling the bozo to succeed in his career choice as King of America.

When Trump is forced to step down it is not a signal that the American people have won.  It will mean that there are still some remnants of constitutional viability left. With that in mind if the nation is to be saved it must not be allowed to return to the control of the oligarchy which supported Clinton and Obama and every other President since the banks took control of the nation's money supply.

After the purge it is up to the people newly invigorated by the smell of justice fresh in their nostrils to remake their social institutions until those social institutions serve the people instead of the Wall Street manipulators. The most pressing need of the American people is to find an escape from poverty.  

Poverty is a social disease. It is caused and transmitted by the method in which the economy is ordered. Inflation and stagnant salaries are an example of socially contrived methods to produce poverty.There are over 43 million people afflicted with poverty in the U.S. There are about 321 million people living here. Most are not in poverty but many are in debt and praying they can hold on even as people like Wells Fargo continue to sack their little remaining resources with the desire and intent of a pack of vultures over a corpse. If the wind blows the wrong way a lot more Americans will be in poverty. 

My take on a solution to the problem is that economic resources of the nation could be re-routed so that the people are served instead of the oligarchical classes. In other words each citizen would be a vested shareholder at birth or naturalization and corporate profits would be redistributed to the residents in society.  

Corporate profits are at dizzying heights. Imagine if all the profits which proceed from consumer purchases were returned to the consumer / purchaser instead of given to the oligarchical classes.There would be an end of poverty and that is what I have in mind when I make the point that poverty is a socially transmitted disease.The current system of distributing the profits generated by the people in American society must be completely rethought. Stop for a moment and imagine how the economy would boom if people had the ability to make more purchases!If they had more money they'd make more purchases and GNP would rise steadily.This has not been tried yet, why not try it?  

So, in conclusion,when the King is forced to abdicate the desire for truth, justice and the American way will not have been realized. American society will still be in the grip of the ruling elite classes.The system of poverty which is related directly to the economic policies they have instituted must be replaced if social justice is to be the norm.

When the King is gone, let's be sure we don't elect another one.  The shit is hitting the fan, expect it to stink for a while. But the power is in the hands and minds of the people.  It remains to be seen if they will use that power to create a brave new future or simply go back to sleep.

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