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Monday, July 15, 2013

Are 'Cat Ranches' A Viable Solution To World Hunger? A News From The Future Report

There's a rumor going around that industrialized civilization will collapse and masses of humans will pray to die.  This meme is a core feature of the apocalyptic religious traditions that have formed the spiritual basis of western civilization. The same conditions are reported in the news via mass media. 
Climate change, a by-product of our civilization, plays a large role in assuring starvation famine and epidemic as described graphically in mystical and apocalyptic traditions of the West.  At the previous hyperlink is a video with my art which I made on the topic of environmental collapse titled ‘A Memo from God’ at my YouTube channel. 

There is a terrible sense of uncertainty facing human civilization.  Employment, housing, present health, the future;  all these concerns leave the spirit of the world trembling.  Little help appears available, a sense of imminent change and increasing fear is in the air.  Do you need a newsman to tell you which way the wind is blowing?

Back to the present:

One of those changes faced me through the glass door this morning and got me to thinking I might not be able to feed them anymore.

On the porch the outside cats were waiting to be fed.  I feed them from the kindness of my heart and shallowness of my wallet; but they are feral.  Two mornings in a row the little female practically darted through the door opening when I opened it.  We've had our moments. This morning I petted her as she ate and purred.  She is the one whose kitten from her first litter died.

I THINK SHE IS PREGNANT AGAIN!  I may be able to trap her and get her fixed, but too damned late!  

This means I will have a surplus of kittens this year and began to think of ways to make their lives easier and relevant to the situation they find themselves in.  I decided I am able to offer them to you free of charge as one approach to solving the problems associated with the feral cat population.

 How come there's no neighborhood watch to take care of this? If you get suspicious and follow a man down a path in Florida and for some reason end up killing him they let you go.  I saw this report on the July 15th edition of Democracy Now.  It’s against the law to do that with cats there!  Check out how laws like this are made.  Click here for a report on making the Stand Your Ground law from Democracy Now.

On the bright side I woke up to find the new kitten, Imp. Click to see a video of Imp,  snuggled up under the covers. His physical appearance is 'odd' and that is why he is named ‘imp’.  
He looks like an imp. I had considered naming him 'gimp' because he had a limp, but it didn’t fit.  Imp is not immediately recognizable as a cat.  He looks more like one of those mystery beasts they have reported in New Jersey and Texas.

I’d like you to remember when thinking of doing something nice for someone that kittens are a great gift anytime and for any occasion.  When you come to visit be sure to take several home with you to have on hand to give to the children of your friends. You will soon be free of excess kittens.


Americans are already beginning to consider introducing formerly taboo horse meat into their diet.  It may now be the time when all animals formerly not culturally acceptable as food need to be considered as such. Much of the protein consumed in the world is from insects.  The U.N. regards insects as a potential life-saving food source.  In a time of food scarcity cats may also fill an important need.

Just about any animal that is adaptable, able to survive on its own and readily domesticated can be raised for food.  Cats fit that description and they reproduce quickly like rabbits and chickens and also grow quickly. A well fed kitten is ready for the table in 6 months.

There is the possibility you may grow attached to the cat.  Cats are mystical critters and have a way of charming you.  If that happens you may decide to keep it out of the stewpot and let it spend its days as part of a breeding pair.

A small 'Cat Ranch'   (Click hyperlink to see a report on the history of eating cat meat) of two or three breeding pairs is able to supply two people with a daily stew once it is in full production.  Raising cats as food is not as odd as it sounds.  The same procedure is used with chickens, pigs, rabbits, cows and fish. It probably only seems unusual because we're talking about eating house pets.  And yet we eat bunnies, why not lambkins?

But seriously folks   

If you have not yet considered planning for the hard days ahead by incorporating a starter 'Cat Ranch Survival Kit' as part of your family’s survival preparedness the time is now.  Its best to begin with at least two breeding pairs. In no time at all you'll have between 10 and 14 little fluff balls running around on the carpet. The rate at which these animals reproduce makes a startup 'Cat Ranch' one of the means to the goal of achieving food self-sufficiency in a short time.

Cats can be raised in sheds the same way chickens and rabbits are raised. However, if yours is a 'For Profit Cat Ranch' you may want to direct your product to a more upscale market and just let them stay outside.  You can label them 'free range' and 'natural' and up the price on your product at least double.

As a small time cottage industry the ‘Cat Ranch’ will completely transform the traditional meaning of the term 'cathouse' when applied to raising kittens for the stewpot.  Even so, people with lots of cats are often held in ill-repute but are not often hungry.


This report is the product of News From the FutureNews From The Future is a bogus news outlet and everything in here is only partially true.

News from the Future is produced by Pie in the Face information producers.

You may find some of this to be true.  You may find it troubling. I hope so.  Stop following the one ahead of you. He's following someone else and so on and so on. At the very front of the line are a host of EXPERTS continually making new plans for the future.  The rest of us are just shuffling afterward without a clue.

Be of good cheer EXPERTS are in charge.

You may visit Art From Another Dimension at and take a look at my art and nature photography which is for sale.

All the artwork and photographs belong to me and are (C) 2013.  Some of it is on sale at the link above.

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