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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shine On: a poem about life in Christ

Shine On



When being is understood as virtual,

and consciousness fundamental:

you have a key to the Kingdom.

I wrote the poem above after having read the 13th Chapter of Matthew in the New Testament.

I have included links in the body of the poem to accentuate my meaning and indicate the intent of the thought behind the poem.

Click the image and see it up close. 

I could not include the links in the above format.
I have chosen Paul Tillich's view of 'being' as a way of understanding how to begin this introspection. 
If Christianity does not address the philosophical, physical and psychological needs of the human being it is not fulfilling the spiritual needs of the human being. If that is the case it is an anti-Christ.

Much of what I've learned in life is a mystery which I've been able to explain with the help of the Christ event.

All I know shines brighter because of the knowledge of Christ.


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