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Saturday, August 10, 2013

"Coordinates": Poster Art From Another Dimension


An intricate, active and brilliantly colored poster. I began with light samples
The image on the right is a "light sample" I made this by using a slow shutter speed while photographing lights outside at night.  By deliberately moving the camera,  a wide variety of designs of light can be made.  I find that a lot of interesting effects appear from simple doodling and often will expand into something like the poster which resulted from my efforts.

The design evolved as I worked on it.
As the form and concept developed I added different shapes and used different effects. I added 4 of my "Fire People" characters to populate the scene.

The idea inspiring the design is in the title "Coordinates".

Coordinates are the intersection of consciousness and data.

This poster will attract a lot of attention and comments on a wall near you.


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Coordinates   a video with the rest of the images and light samples.

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