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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Evening and Morning: The Age of Man

I thought this came out pretty good. It describes the effect of choices beginning from the non existence preceding beginning to the end and catastrophe of existence itself.

I listened to a good portion of the book of Luke today. The story of Jesus tempted by the devil with all the things valued by society including the deceit of wealth, prestige, and power is also told of Buddha. Both encountered that temptation and made the same decision regarding it. It is significant to me that these two men living 500 years apart in drastically different cultures could identify the same problems and produce systems of information designed to solve the problems.

The present state of affairs is not worth getting upset over because it is an illusion created by the bad dream of 'our way of life' we've all been captivated by. Jesus maintained this perspective to the point of declaring those who disagreed with him to be fools. He didn't mince his words. Fools, in Jesus' way of thinking, are those who look to the systems and values of this age to sustain them and give them security. Fools would be horribly disappointed, Jesus declared. Americans at the present are an example of that.

The present world is in the possession of men possessed by madness whose methods of governing are deceit, power and evil. Jesus said this would happen and that only knowing why this world / age is indeed an illusion was the only means of escaping.

Jesus produced a body of information known as the 'Kingdom of God', or the 'Gospel of the Kingdom' which provides the intellectual / spiritual ammo to survive the illusion of the age.

The Buddhist Dharma also provides escape instructions to those not interested in Christianity. Both provide a way to escape the suffering associated with taking life too seriously.

Invoke the Spirit.

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