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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Magical Misperceptions

Included are two videos I made over the past several days.  The visual images are accompanied by original musical scores created entirely by Bill Canino. 

The visual images in "Magical Misperceptions" resulted from video of reflections in a puddle.  I saw it with my eye first and then decided something could be made from it.  I made the video and Bill provided the music. It works!

Magical Misperceptions

Angel of Light Prince of Darkness

The video below is the result of contemplating spiritual themes regarding the nature of mankind and what kind of society that nature produced.  It's the kind of society known as 'western civilization'. Western civilization is mankind's crowning achievement.

Looking around at the world around me it appears the human mind is a bottomless pit of creative influences constructing the future.

I approach this collective quagmire we call human society objectively as an observer would do. But I try to figure it out. My first question is:  "Why would anyone do something like this?"  The short answer is "for money."  Whatever was done, resulting in the present was done by a society bent on making money.

So that is an example of what Jesus understood to be the God of this age. He illustrates it here: "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon"

Since Jesus is commenting on money and his purpose in incarnating himself was to teach the gospel of the kingdom there is a spiritual link in the relationship of the mind of man and how it relates to money.

A God, in the way Jesus is using it, is that which is your 'ultimate concern'.  Your faith is the expression of devotion to your 'ultimate concern'. It mattered to Jesus that men trusted in diamonds and wealth and political power.  It mattered to him that men did this because he knew what they were missing.  This was not merely a major theme in his teaching.  Communicating this spiritual teaching of the Kingdom of God was the reason for his existence as Jesus of  Nazareth. 

Many people liked what they heard and then Jesus always raised the bar. The rich will find it the hardest of all when they have to make the choice. On top of that when Jesus told people his teaching of the spiritual knowledge of the Gospel of the Kingdom, sometimes people would say he was nuts, talking crazy talk. Or Devil possessed. 

Well I wasn't there of course.  For some reason I worship Christ, the Logos revealed in the pages of the New Testament. He claims there is spiritual warfare going on for the control of consciousness.  Christ's teaching on the Kingdom of God he understood as an antidote, and as a means of understanding the spiritual forces at work directing the events of the physical world before our eyes.

The art in the video below is made while thinking on the themes of a race of creatures who sold their birthright for a pile of gold and think they won. Creatures clinging to Carbon when they could be Children of Light.

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