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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Visitation: breakthrough to the other side

An invocation of the Spirit.

God and fire are intimately linked in the archetypal makeup of the human mind. God makes and sends his ministers as "flames of fire". The "Fire People" are here to help. And you know you need help making sense of this life which has a gravestone at the end and suffering all along the way as the governments pick your pockets clean and destroy your way of life by the decisions they make. The Beast has no conscience in the ordinary sense.  Keep asking for help. The "Fire People", the angels of God, will come.

 Christians have identified God as a consuming fire. Fire is that which releases the essence of what is burned. It is a refining, purifying process. This is foolishness to some. But inasmuch as it is foolishness their suffering increases along with their misery. The trip to the grave is much more difficult for those without faith as the governments of this age collapse the future, stealing everything worked for and hoped for on their miserable journey which has now taken on a distinct sense of despair and fear for their future.

Keep the faith baby.  It's going to get worse, much worse, before the light of a new day dawns. Those in charge of things now are merciless.

God is that to which we appeal in our helpless state and God is that which responds to our collective agonies from the soul of the universe. Cry, cry, cry, God will hear and send the "Fire People."

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