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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tango With The Sun

I made some neat images from video clips of the sun reflected in a puddle.  My eye was captivated by the reflections of the sun and the tree branches along with the clouds in a fluid sky.  I used my phone camera and my Canon Rebel.  I took the video on separate days and each time the results were productive.

The objects reflected in the water are transformed by the properties of light.

I captured snapshots from window live movie maker and worked on them more fully with The pair of dancers is one of the images I worked on.  I needed them to dance together. I did the best I could and was pleasantly surprised at the result.


The image below is a derivative of the clustered sun rays.  You will recognize the origins of this design in the opening segments of the video.  The image may be purchased at as a poster by clicking on the image.  It is titled "Shaman's Dance".

Shaman's Dance
Shaman's Dance by Hermenutic
View more Shaman Posters at

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