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Friday, April 18, 2014

Escape From The Carbon Fiend

I received this video today on the topic of fracking.  It is in harmony with the rest of this post so I am including it.  Pray for these people, they are facing a grave threat to their well being.

Destruction of the ability of the earth to support life is something many are opposed to.  However there is a small percentage of those among us who do not seem to care all that much one way or another. While not admitting it outright, their decision making and their lack of corrective action speak with an earsplitting volume.  

1 in 8 people will die as a result of air pollution.  In fact three times as many will die from air pollution than will die from automobile accidents.  A report by the World Health Organization gives the down and dirty on the subject. In the WHO report this alarming conclusion is made:  

"This finding more than doubles previous estimates and confirms that air pollution is now the world’s largest single environmental health risk."

The report went on to cite the various diseases resulting from both outdoor and indoor air pollution.

Outdoor air pollution-caused deaths – breakdown by disease:

40% – ischaemic heart disease;

40% – stroke;

11% – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD);

6% - lung cancer; and

3% – acute lower respiratory infections in

Indoor air pollution-caused deaths – breakdown by disease:

34% - stroke;

26% - ischaemic heart disease;

22% - COPD;

12% - acute lower respiratory infections in children; and

6% - lung cancer.

What is responsible for air pollution and the resulting death toll?  The agents of death and disease by air pollution are listed at the National Park Service website.

The categories are as follows:  1. Gaseous Pollutants. 2. Particulates. 3. Toxic air pollutants.  4. Primary and secondary pollutants.

There are four categories listed as sources of this malady of death and disease.  Three of them are man made.

1.  Stationary and area sources.  2.  Mobile sources.  3.  Agricultural sources.  4. The fourth category is different from the preceding categories in that the pollution results from natural causes such as volcanoes, dust storms and wildfires, events which, for the most part, human activity does not create. All the rest are produced by human decision making and human activity.  It is recommended that you read the information at the links provided to be more fully informed about the threat produced by air pollution to your health, your life and that of your children and loved ones. 

After becoming informed you may be moved to see to it that the madness of polluting the environment is stopped. Much of the man made pollution has its origins in the way carbon is used. 

With that in mind I made the video below and titled it "Escape From The Carbon Fiend". Seeing the havoc air pollution causes the use of the word "Fiend" is a correct designation. As 8 million people a year are put in the grave by this activity, "Fiend" does seem to fit. The video is illustrated with photography and art of my own.

a Clear Running Water state of mind  

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