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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shaman's Path a new video and more

I made a video titled “Shaman’s Path”.  The shamanic 

intention of being in harmony with the environment is 

refreshing departure from the idea of being “at war” 

with nature.  Being “at war” with nature is the mindset 

of contemporary society.  Yes we can kill the earth, 

we can poison the water, the air and the soil but will 

we be winners if we succeed?

The war against nature at its heart is a spiritual battle 

and an outright blasphemy. If one conceives of a 

Creator, the greatest disrespect to the Creator is to fail 

to nurture what has been created.  The two sides 

could not be more clearly delineated.

Politicians are deciding at present whether or not to 

kill the planet off by their devotion to carbon based 

energy interests. Fresh air and water along with fertile 

land may or may not fall prey to economic 

adversaries.  Let’s hope they make the right decision.

We're talking about the world the next generation will 

live in. This and the last several generations have 

really screwed the planet over.  Will this generation 

begin an attempt to make amends, or nonchalantly 

carry on with business as usual?  

We’ll have to wait and see.

Below is a photograph I took on my first day living in 

Oregon. It was taken in the morning in the Columbia 

River Gorge by the Bonneville dam. Long gone are 

the almost unlimited populations of beaver. The 

salmon, whose numbers were described with almost 

disbelief in the journals of the Lewis and Clark 

expedition are now considered to be endangered.

Our way of life is snuffing theirs out. How many of 

our fellow creatures can we kill before we have signed 

our own death warrant?

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