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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Dancing With The Tao

I snapped a picture out the window while crossing the bay.  The light was dramatic.  The picture came out different from what my eyes saw.  The ambiance in the picture is darker but it was brighter with more blue to my eye.  

I liked the contrast and starkness in the colors in this photo so I decided to combine it with a favorite picture which I use over and over again for the effects it possesses.

The photo below was made from a photo of a sunset at Crater Lake in Oregon. I combined it with the previous photo and some other photos of sky and clouds and worked on them. The result is in the video below.

I had a hard time naming it and settled on Dancing With The Tao. The idea just kept developing.

Photography and art by David H. Roche
(C) 2014

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