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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Announcing The Publication Of My Art

I would like to share this news with all of you reading my blog.  Some of my art was published today in “aaduna.”  aaduna is an online magazine dedicated to 
bringing the work of artists to the public.  I was pleased to have my art on the cover of their first issue and am more than pleased now to have this selection published. 

The art presented in this issue is built around the “Fire People” characters I have developed over the last few years.  You will notice “Jack” and “Qkjea” in many of them.

Click here  to open the current issue.  When looking for my work click on the section titled “Gallery” (or just click here) and then click on the old blue Ford truck to see the work I have contributed.  Below is the old Ford truck.  Clicking on it will not take you to the rest of my work, you have to do that at aaduna. 

The entire magazine is richly apportioned and each artist has something worthwhile to say. I feel very good having my work associated with theirs. I hope they feel the same. aaduna has attracted a bunch of very good artists,writers and poets.  Check out the entire magazine, you’ll be glad you did. Many of the contributors have degrees in art.  I have none. Being included is an honor. 

Thank you Bill and Lisa for all the work you have done getting this issue off the ground. It looks good to my eye.

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