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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Blackberries and Blue Skies (Poetry and photography)

The blackberry season is in full swing.  I picked an entire bucket of berries this morning in about 15 minutes.  I'll have a hard time keeping up with them over the next week or two.

The berries grow in a wild tangled hedge.  The tops of some of the vines are 10 to 12 feet above the ground. Many I will not be able to pick.  I have employed a metal pole with an angle bar on the end to aid me in accessing some of the berries that are out of my grasp. But the topmost berries elude my reach even with the aid of the metal pole.  The birds will have those.

As for me I will have frozen berries for jam and snacks for a good part of the winter barring a loss of refrigeration.   

Blackberries and Blue Skies

Blackberries and blue skies
briefly fill the gap
between the gales of October
and the grey rain of winter and spring
making them welcome summer transients
I wish would never leave.

The video includes the poem along with the visual images.  Enjoy.

Photography and poetry by David H. Roche

(C) 2014

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