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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Blues For An Old Man (poetry)

This is the first year I've taken to drinking coffee in the afternoon.  Up until this year a pot of coffee in the morning was all I needed to be good to go for the entire day.

I wrote this poem after having coffee in the afternoon and thinking of my how my father would take a break in the mid afternoon and get a cup of Joe and a piece of pie at Hunter's Diner, or any nearby diner if he was working out of town. 

Blues For An Old Man

This year I became an old man 
taking to coffee in the afternoon
and falling asleep 
beneath the branches of the cherry tree
until summer breezes tickle me and I wake 
under unbroken blue to the edges of the sky
with hours of daylight left.

Poetry and Photography by David H. Roche

(C) 2014

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