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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Which Side Are You On?

Which side are you on? 

Syracuse New York mayor Stephanie Miner has announced the city is willing to give a home to homeless immigrant children from Central America.

Some people want to leave the children homeless and in peril saying we, the most prosperous nation on earth, can't afford it and they will grow up to be criminals and a burden on society.

Some people see the homeless children in need and respond compassionately with open arms saying "let the children come."

I'm flabbergasted that anyone would turn helpless human beings away. Is this attitude the result of Americans imbibing the philosophy of Ayn Rand? Ms. Rand would definitely walk over their corpses and dispassionately allow them to starve and suffer instead of offering a helping hand. Don't believe me. Listen to how she regards human need and compassion from her own lips on national television in an interview with Mike Wallace. She's gone to her final reward, but her disciples live on in the halls of congress and perhaps next door to you.

So which side are you on? How easy does the answer come from your heart to your lips?

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