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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Before and After (art and video)

As you know the viability of the earth has been placed in jeopardy by the financial interests of the world and their rapacious desire to extract the earths resources and turn them into consumer items.   At this link is a google search page listing state of the environment reports from multiple nations around the world. Read it and weep. These factors are inextricably linked in a cause and effect relationship at the present time.

All over the entire globe financial backed corporate interests are despoiling the environment and in many cases leaving it unsafe to live in.  Places like Flint Michigan and the jungles of Ecuador have had the quality of life removed.  In the case of Ecuador U.S. courts have agreed that Chevron has little legal responsibility for its actions.

12.6 million people die each year from the effects of their environment. 7 million people die prematurely annually from the effects of air pollution alone. These are deaths caused primarily by industrial activities.  If there were an enemy at war with us killing us off at this rate there would be an alarm raised and the nation would rise up to defeat the enemy. 

That of course is not the case.  We've been trained to trust our institutions so it is with great difficulty we begin to question their veracity.   

One of the most underreported events of this year is the attempt of Americans in North Dakota to keep their land and water in a condition that they can still use it.  

Democracy Now has been doing some first class reporting on this.  If not for their reporting the national discussion on this topic would be virtually absent.  Take a look at the reporting done by Democracy Now on this current attempt to take native land for the interests of capital.

My feeling is that this is a spiritual problem.  It is only a political problem because those in charge are spiritually bankrupt.  But primarily the problem, as I see it, resides in the hearts of the decision makers who have decided to do what they have done.

Well I made a video from some nature photography and art as a citizens complaint about the earth being laid to waste by corporate interests.  You can watch that below.

When you're done take a look at the safety record of pipelines since the beginning of the G.W. Bush administration.  If this track record does not make the pipelines seem as unfriendly interlopers in our environment you can probably never be convinced.  Read it and open your eyes.  Here's what the Keystone Pipeline has managed to ruin this year and it's not even finished.  Below is the video, it is not about the pipeline specifically but about the reasons it is being done. Our way of life is killing us. But we could change our minds if we wanted to. It's up to you. Enjoy my video.

In a sense God provided humanity with a garden and man is doing this to it.  I present this current condition of environmental devastation as evidence of contempt for the Creator. If this was an isolated incident it would not be much of a problem. But it is not an isolated incident it is global in scope and shows no signs of voluntarily ceasing. This means the earth and it's inhabitants are in for a real tough time due to the earth no longer being able to support life.  I guess this current state of affairs is part of what was included in the meaning of the 1960's corporate jingle 'Better Living Through Chemistry'.

 Benjamin Franklin's sentiments seem relevant at this period in history just as they did when he spoke them.

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