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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Some Thoughts On The Election of 2016

The 2016 Presidential race has been an unprecedented insult to the American people.  Donald Trump the choice of Republicans has squeezed the pustule of bigotry and its contents have been smeared over the face of the land.  As an ironic side note I found that this years Republican Party Platform resembles the platform of the Know Nothing or American political party of the 1800's.  This is just another irony in the farce of the 2016 Presidential election. It's time for Common Sense.

Meanwhile the Democrats have provided us a candidate in Hillary Clinton who has the attitude that the average American cannot be told the truth but that large financial institutions can be told the truth.  

Donald Trump has said the election is rigged casting doubt on the integrity of the electoral process. The media is aghast that such a thought could be uttered. But former President Jimmy Carter has spoken about the form of democracy in the U.S. today and is reported on in this Salon article.  The former President is quoted as saying:   "America at the moment does not have a functioning democracy,"

Let that thought sink in.  

I am appalled at the audacity of the media and the political establishment in making the idea of a 'rigged' election seem like some kind of thing that should never cross the mind of an American.  

The sentiments of the founding fathers seem to have been dropped from the meaning and intent of the democratic process.  We are now asked by the media to trust the institutions rather than question them. 

What do you think of that twist to the meaning of a democratic society?  Do you really think these institutions can be trusted?  Why would the questioning of authority in a democratic society be seen as contrary to a government of the people? That's called a conundrum. 

There has been an observable bias against Donald Trump which even the so called liberal part of the mainstream media has made note of.  An Op-Ed in the  October 23, 2016 Los Angeles Times does a great job showing how this phenomenon is constructed. (note this is a right wing opinion and I do not regard myself as a right winger but I agree pretty much with this analysis)  

Now here is my personal take on the bias against Trump.  I think of him as a complete waste of natural resources such as food, air and water.  So I'm not defending his obscene assault on common human decency in this Presidential campaign.  Rather I see the bias against Trump as a smokescreen to hide the awful facts about Hillary Clinton and what future she will provide for America.

Why do I have this feeling?  For the following reason primarily. The emails released by Wikileaks have exposed her absolute contempt for the people she needs to vote for her and the coverage of this and what it means has been covered up in the 'moral outrage' over Donald Trumps sex life.  

Hillary Clinton defends the double standard she uses when speaking to elite donors and the way she speaks to the rest of us schmucks who vote.  She dissembles when she talks to the voter, she speaks the truth when she speaks to her donors. Here is a partial list of political donors to whom Hillary speaks without dissembling.    Do you see your name there?

The 'rigging' of an election can be done in many ways.  As political operatives become more amoral the ways in which deceit in the electoral process may be accomplished increases.  I believe we are witnessing that phenomenon this year.  Here's an analysis of the situation I find believable at Global Research.

This brings me back to former President Carter's thought that there is no functioning democracy in the U.S.  What do you think?  Should you say anything?  What happens if you don't?  What happens if you do?

After finishing the post about the media I got the following report from Democracy Now on government interference with reporting the news. The outcome is that the state offenders were made to pay a fine and the press was silenced by the attack on the reporters.  Is this the kind of democracy we want? Should we speak up? What will happen if we do? 

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