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Saturday, October 08, 2016

The Clinton Emails

The U.S. is in the position of having two unsuitable candidates who want to run the nation.  Clinton of course will win the election, Trump has no chance whatsoever.  But Clinton will win because the media has taken up her cause.  

For example on the Google news feed this morning you would expect to see the top news story be the newly released Clinton emails.  Not so.  I had to search for it and then it came up.  I only knew to look because of TYT's reporting. (see video below) Ask yourself why Google news did not think the email caper was important enough to be a headline.

The Emails Hillary Clinton never wanted anyone to see have now been made public.  The emails reveal how little she cares about the working and middle classes.  She has nothing in common with them. She did praise the banks that destroyed the American Dream and now she wants them to help her when she become President.

TYT politics reporter Jordan Chariton recommended sharing the video so I am.  

Whether a Trump Presidency would be worse than a Clinton Presidency we will never know.  Clinton will be the next President and it will mean more of what G.W. Bush gave us and more of what Obama gave us.  

As we learned from the emails Clinton tells the public one thing and her corporate sponsors another thing and that is because she thinks the citizen is a problem when it comes to getting things done. In her point of view the government could be run a lot better if there was no citizen input from the lower classes.  Most of us are in that category.

I'll be voting for Jill Stein because the one who wins this election will be the President that finally sells the working men and women of the U.S. down the river or across the ocean. The American people have been offered no real choice by the official political parties. That in itself is a kick in the teeth to a populace that desperately needs social reform.  

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