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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Arrival Of First Contingent Of Extra Terrestrial Advisors (new video and art)

According to The New Yorker in a December 12, 2016 article by John Cassidy the current President elect did something he should not have done.  He spoke poorly of the talents of the CIA.  

I've regarded the past election as a pure 'Farce'. Something which, if you have taken seriously, might be causing you great apprehension about your future hopes.  

Understanding the Trump phenomenon as a farce one can poke holes in its pretenses with weapons of wit and jest aimed at the future President's attempts to dim the lights of an already dim and almost damped American experience. 

He has promised to help. Past experience has shown us that every time a new politician has promised to help...things get worse.  The reason is the Military Industrial Complex.

This Bozo Trump is no different. He will be as much help to the same people WHO ARE NOT Joe and Jane Public as all those before him.  

The irony of the spectacle of Trump is that the American people were able to be persuaded to elect a man whose billions have included one failed business after another to solve the nations problems. The word "Hoodwinked" comes to mind.

Have a nice day and be sure to comment on the Emperor's Wardrobe every chance you get.

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