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Monday, January 02, 2017

President Elect Rump Appoints Qkjea To ET Cabinet Position (breaking fake news)

Today President Elect Rump informed the American people that he had created a new cabinet post to oversee Extra Terrestrial affairs.  The President Elect known for picking the worst of possible people to guide his administration has chosen an individual no one has ever heard of named Qkjea. No other name was available at presstime and the only other information available was that Qkjea is himself or herself an Extra Terrestrial and a long time confidant of President Elect Rump. 

President elect Rump, who is well known for claims to have been taken aboard Alien space craft on multiple occasions, has promised the American people a full disclosure of everything he and the government know on the topic of Extra Terrestrials.

President Elect Rump and his transition team spoke to a gaggle of reporters from the news outlets that supported his candidacy.  

"My dear very great American people.  I have very good, very wonderful news. I been in contact with my friends, my very good, very great, very smart, very very smart friends from outer space, Extra Terrestrial friends, who have promised to help me lead you to a better future. I have named one of them to guide us through this very very difficult period. Qkjea is a great, mega great, confidant that I have trusted for years and it is only fair that he help you as much as I have been helped. You will do well to heed his advice."

As usual President Elect Rump made no sense at all and as usual no one noticed and some even claimed the gibberish was the language of angels. He closed his remarks saying:  "Qkjea will lead us into the glorious future and we will follow in lockstep." Almost all of the assembled crowd cheered and some shed tears of joy.

Many onlookers and all the reporters allowed at the news conference remarked that President Elect Rumps face glowed a luminescent white as he spoke of Qkjea.  I did not see it.  

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