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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

One More Chance For World Peace

The revolution was not only not televised, but only those involved knew it was taking place until it was complete. And then there it was, the sunrise of a new day with real possibilities.   

The first shots of the revolution were fired by the banking institutions which succeeded in making the economic decimation of American families as complete a tool of terror as the physical war on Iraq had been on the civilians there.  The bankster-made financial collapse had left tens of thousands homeless, jobless, helpless, and without hope in this world being completely abandoned by the ruling oligarchical class which has cornered the market on the ability to survive in this world. 

As reality was taking form they began looking around themselves from the depths of their angst and realized they were not alone. 

It wasn't only those who supported Trump who were hurting, it was those who supported Clinton as well. The two sides which had been turned into rabid enemies by the political and race baiting tactics of the Republican and Democrat controlled media outlets now saw they had been left behind like roadkill. 


The effect was like that of a spiritual awakening.  

Despair turned into compassion as those around them realized that not only had they been abandoned but the ones they had been lead to hate were also suffering at the hands of the same people who had destroyed their future. Such was the nature of the revolution.  Instead of a battle there was a change of mind.  

If there is a strength, a bond, greater than the compassion which lies dormant in the human heart binding us together in our need it is the requirement for justice.

The present human experience of suffering can now be understood as the result of societies worship of the economy aided and abetted by malefactor lawmakers and their benefactors which have obviously abandoned compassion as the rule of human relationships. (interview with Matt Taibbi on Democracy Now at the link).   

The recognition of having been played one against the other by choosing party loyalties and in the end had hurt themselves and families by doing so produced a common vision resulting from a universal revulsion at the current situation the world leaders had produced. Forsaking the carefully contrived differences made of political babel they decided to come out  and separate from the Beast in order to survive.  

All social progress begins with new ideas.  The old ideas of capital and government being the appropriate situation for human life to take place in are now in bloom.  Like a skunk flower society may appear beautiful.  But you change your mind when you sniff it's blossom.  

If a form of humanity retaining compassion, mercy and love is to survive we have to abandon old ideas about capital and find a way to make capital serve human needs. Otherwise as can be seen by the day to day life in the U.S. and the world at large we will end up killing each other off while the elite class waits and watches from their gold towers.

The plight which humanity has found itself in at the present is the very same kind of injustice which resulted in the appearance of the Messiah. 

Throughout time it has always been the haves which have walked on the backs of the have nots. This is what we see today in the crumbling infrastructure of the U.S.  Flint Michigan residents get poisoned water and Michigan gets to save a few dollars.  It's difficult to find a more dramatic representation of the character of immoral governments serving the interests of the economy than what the State did to the people in Flint. 

So it should be obvious if we are to help ourselves we need to find a different way for society (you and me and all the rest) to relate to and control capital so that the result in society resembles compassion and mercy and a better life for all rather than the way it is now.

Peace, compassion, mercy and cooperation are attributes of the Spirit of Christ who was introduced to the world with the words "GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN."  These ideals and values can readily be seen to have no place in the values of Donald Trump or the present form of society.

 Because Christ is the LOGOS, each of who exists can understand that the Universe is a friendly place. When you are attached to Christ, the road goes on forever.    

Welcome to the Fellowship of the Mystery.  We are spiritual beings having a material experience. It is easy to fall into the mistake of thinking this is all there is.  That is why wealth is the God of this age. 

The purpose of this life and experience is to allow us to make choices which will lead us to learn and practice love, peace, mercy and compassion wherever we are and to bring a transformed mind to work on our next lifetime with. I had to throw out religion and go directly to Christ to learn this and I'm not turning back.

     Have a nice day. I hope you do the right thing.

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