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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Presidential Health Care Amendment Now Law: Pie in the Face News Editorial

Congress overwhelmingly passed the Presidential Health Care Amendment today mandating regular psychiatric evaluations for those occupying the White House during the term of each sitting President with additional evaluations required on demand of the taxpayer by the means of a national referendum. 

This much needed legislation takes effect immediately. President Rump responded to news of the impending legislation by calling it an attack on himself and his family enterprises. 

His reaction was predictable. As expected the Presidential Health Care Amendment was immediately vetoed by President Rump, but the veto was quickly overturned, as expected, leaving President Ronald Rump tweeting that the people's decision was merely "the barking of slinking curs looking for an alley to raid a garbage can."

During a searing and insulting series of 'tweets' he referred to the American people as fools and dupes of a dishonest judiciary and media and that he was their only hope and they'd better wise up. 

This unexpected, but much needed legislation, is seen as a response to President Rump's placement of alien-extraterrestrial intelligences in positions to guide the destiny of the United States.  This is reminiscent of the scandal involving Rump's predecessor who sold out to the Russians. That experience had barely faded from memory by the time the Rump Cabal seized control justly alarming the populace.

In response to the new legislation President Rump has warned he can bring down fire from heaven and that his detractors should be wary of falling under the Wrath of God. 

Meanwhile it would be less than honest to say that the American People and the world as well are holding their collective breath as this crisis of extraterrestrial treachery is being sold to the American people as the new normal defined by Alternative Facts provided by the Ronald Rump Administration and his alien advisors.


Rump's opposition claim the result of his economic and political policies would be a return to a form of feudalism or a company store kind of existence for the average citizen.  

Americans are just waking up to their stupidity in choosing Rump as their savior. The world looks on in wonder as America shakes it's head and gasps for air and fresh clean water.

This has been a Pie in the Face News Editorial
Pie in the Face News is a subsidiary of the
Dadaist News Service

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